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Many Tajiks consider themselves Uzbek, though they retain the Tajik language; this may be because they have long shared an urban lifestyle, which was more of a bond than ethnic labels. Many Qipchaqs eschew intermarriage, live a nomadic lifestyle, and identify more closely with the Kyrgyz who live across the border from them.
From falling in love with Robyn Fenty to his recent hook-up with his “celebrity crush”, Jennifer Lopez, we’re taking a cold hard look at just how many hearts our Canadian superstar has slain during his time at the top of the charts.

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In the movie of real life, everyone is eager to change and break the guarded boy; all while the guarded girl is written off as nothing more than damaged goods, with no one patient enough to break her Berlin Wall to see the beauty she has to hide.

So, if we attempted to break down the guarded girl with the same perseverance we invest into the guarded boy – what truth would we find?

On the one hand, she's had her heart broken once, if not multiple times. She acquired thick skin, and learned not to sweat the small stuff.8. The guarded girl fears letting someone into her world again, only to find out he's been getting his degree in Douchebag 101 this entire time.

On the other hand, this girl has so much to offer a relationship once you manage to get through her barriers. She knows the guys she'll avoid with a 10-foot pole.

And then, on the other side of the equation, you have us, commonly known as the “guarded” women.

Which, when said out loud, seems like the ultimate paradox as the word “guarded” commonly goes hand in hand when talking about men.

Your words mean nothing to her if they aren’t backed up by your actions.

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Anyone who takes a chance on the guarded girl will find she's definitely worth that shot.Let me clarify a few things for the misinformed: No, she's not being picky because she's a snob. She cherishes the relationship she has with her friends and family because they're the ones who stuck by her at her worst.12.And no, she's not leading a guy on to only shatter his shot at love for fun. When she IS in a relationship she fully trusts, she'll give you her entire heart.7. She knows how shitty heartbreak feels, and will never be the one to break someone else's heart.You're more cautious because the thought of feeling so vulnerable scares you to death.You never, ever want to be put in the same boat where there's the potential to be fooled, misled or disappointed. And there are a lot of misconceptions about the girl labeled as such in the dating world today. When she DOES say, “I love you,” she's not saying it just to say it: She really means it.11. Push for too much too soon, and she will shut you out.