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For items that are serialized within the part, lot, or batch number within the enterprise identifier, the unique item identifier shall include the data elements of the enterprise identifier; the original part, lot, or batch number; and the serial number.

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Grace Kelly, the Fifties film star who became a princess, was born in 1929.After making her name in films such as High Noon, Rear Window and To Catch a Thief, she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco on April 19 1956 and retired from acting.The news shouldn’t really be too surprising for avid fans of ABC’s Daytime Drama series – her character has been put in an impossible situation with a difficult story for anyone to watch.

She said later, “Mogambo had three things that interested me: John Ford, Clark Gable and a trip to Africa with expenses paid.When she made Playmate, she took a leave of absence from school and moved to Los Angeles. A few years and a degree in public relations later, she’s founder and creative director of Éclairée, a high-end line of swim and resort wear.Her work has been detailed in her ambitions include finding true love and having a family.If Mogambo had been made in Arizona I wouldn’t have done it.” During the long shoot, isolated in Africa, it wasn’t long before the beautiful young blonde caught Clark’s eye.She fell quickly for him too, despite their twenty-eight year age difference.Kelly considered modeling for called her in for a photo shoot at Studio West, and soon she was meeting Hugh Hefner and the Girls and staying at the Mansion.